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If you know a Tattoo Studio and would like it to appear on this page (info and ads) fill out the form here.

If you are not a member of the Tattoo Studio, please inform the studio so they can provide you the authorisation.

Before publication I’ll contact the Tattoo Studio for confirmation.

Note: All information provided here will be checked!

Addieren Tätowierungs-Studio

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If yes, what is your role in the Studio?
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Tattoo Studio Informations
Tattoo Artists working in the Studio Information about Tattoo Artists working in the Studio and other topics. Please send the names separated by comma.
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Upload pictures of the Tattoo Studio. When uploading pictures of tattoos please add the name of the artist to avoid confusion. You simply need to rename the picture like this: tattoo artist name-1, tattoo artist name -2, tattoo artist name-3