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If you are aware of a Tattoo Convention and would like to share it with others please send me the information.

First please check wether the Tattoo Convention is already on the page or not.

You can check on the map below if the Tattoo Convention you are about to send in has already been submitted.

You can send the info to me directly but even better if you inform the organisers of the Tattoo Convention. Send them the link of this page so they can decide if they want to advertise on this page.

Why is it good if you inform the organisers?

They can provide better descriptions, photos and more accurate info of the Tattoo Convention.

Descriptions can be posted in 7 different languages, translations need to be provided by you.

If translations are not available for other languages, the original will appear under all languages links.

Languages of the site: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hungarian,

If I publish the Tattoo Convention only the basic data will be visible. (Name, address, website)

The organisers have a chance to send more information and the advertising would be more effective.

I don’t inform the organisers of the Tattoo Conventions published by me, no one has ever complained about free advertising. Information and data are validated and usually correct. I apologise for any mistakes I might make. If you find any error on the page please report it to me, I welcome every correction and remark.

It is possible to add to the content. Eg: If you want to add information to the event or its description

Uwaga: Wszystkie podane informacje zostaną sprawdzone!

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