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The Story of SkullsFire has started around the beginning of the 80s.

I was just about 10 years old when I met an ex con uncle, the uncle of a friend.

As a child I was hooked straight away: his unusual look, full of tattoos, all over his body.

I liked it even more when he told us about the process of tattooing.

He even demonstrated it to us.

As soon as I got home that day I pulled out the thread set and some ink, and then I was all for it! I tattooed myself.

My whole body was blue!

A week later however I was disappointed to see that there wasn’t much left of my work.

A few spots only.

Perhaps it was actually lucky for me!

Right then I swore to myself that my whole body will be covered in tattoos when I grow up.

That’s how the love for tattoos started.

It started a very long time ago and will last as long as I live.

SkullsFire Tattoo-Club
SkullsFire Tattoo-Club

Today approximately 70% of my body is tattooed, and the remaining empty 30% is already bothering me.

I’m very motivated to change that!

The world of tattoos changed and developed right in front of my eyes: from hand made tattoos of a prison to the most advanced tattoos made by computer.

I have see it all. I have all sorts of tattoos on my body: ugly, beautiful, biomechanic, Japanese, realistic etc

I did not became a tattoo artist because my drawing skills are not up to scratch but I have a chance to cooperate to the world of tattoo through the festivals and my website using the internet.

SkullsFire Tattoo-Club
SkullsFire Tattoo-Club

I have became acquainted with computer in the spring of 2004 and it was an adventure!

I consumed a LSD trip and without thinking much, in a very good mood, I bought a computer for 600€.

So far it is ok, I was already planning to buy a computer.

Reality kicked in hard the following morning. I looked around after the party and got the shock then!

SkullsFire Tattoo-Club
SkullsFire Tattoo-Club

Hungover and broken I swore some: no money (600€ was all I had), no food, no drink, only a computer I couldn’t even turn on.

I was suddenly very sorry for that impulse purchase.

It took me a week to make up my mind about turning it on.

And a whole avalanche started right there.

By January 2005 I had my own website, and by spring the same year I was teaching tricks to people who were teaching me before.

SkullsFire Tattoo-Club
SkullsFire Tattoo-Club

In 2006 I got invited to the Rome Tattoo Convention and it was a blast!

Again, I was hooked by the tattoo artists, their clients, the atmosphere, the music…everything.

I met a lot of people, talked to a lot of people and by the end I was on tv because of the tattoo on my head.

In short it made a big impression on me.

SkullsFire Tattoo-Club

I uploaded the picture I took to my website.

By doing this I created professional content.

That’s how it started: mixing pleasure with work. Internet and tattoos.

I have also found a new hobby: Tattoo Conventions.

Since then I have been to a lot of Conventions and intend to visit more.

SkullsFire Tattoo-Club

At this point I had my website, I had content but I felt I needed to put it in context.

I started to study web marketing and website creation/design.

When you have a website you need a good name, right?

Perhaps that was the biggest challenge. I spent weeks trying to come up with a good name.

I wanted something original that also related to the world of tattoos.

The names I liked were already taken and I couldn’t use them so I needed to change the way I thought.

One day I got some magic mushrooms.

SkullsFire Tattoo-Club
SkullsFire Tattoo-Club

After some snacking, when the magic was already on the way, my mind started whirling.

What do tattooed people like?

Skull. Great, but let’s make it more skulls.

Skulls! More skulls are already a community, tattooed community. Excellent.

But what to do with the skulls. It felt a bit empty.

Fire! Let’s burn the skulls.

Skulls in the fire. It seemed a bit long so I dropped the middle and I was left with SkullsFire.

All I needed was a bit of magic mushroom to solve a problem that seemed very persistent for weeks.

The SkullsFire page was born in Amsterdam, between a coffee shop and a tattoo studio.

I worked in the coffee shop and stayed in the tattoo studio.

Following the 2008 Amsterdam Tattoo Convention I left Amsterdam.

It was too much of the good things, took a toll on my health and soul.

I moved to Paris and lived here ever since.